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Our Current Projects

We are currently working on securing financial and accommodation support.

A place to grow this idea, nurture it's potential into being a fully fledged operation producing some of the worlds finest Magically Mycological specimens.

5 Beautiful Female Friends of varying Nationalities After enjoying a Larry's Short Foragin
The Basics

If you have a space that you would be willing to provide for a minimum term of 5 years we would really love to open a conversation with you about how that would look for all parties involved.

Any Legal Eagles out there wanting to provide some of their valuable time pro-bono , please reach out and open a discussion.

Mentors:- Business Mentors that operate in and around the Southern Highlands or Illawarra are also encouraged to open a discussion if you feel have wisdom you are willing and interested in offering.

The Dream

Mycology is a fascinating field that has recently gained attention due to its potential benefits. Recent research has shown that fungi can be used in psychedelic trials to treat depression, anxiety, and addiction. These findings have opened up new avenues for research and treatment in the field of mental health.

Magical Mushroom Foraging Feast, Complete with 7 people Under a Full Moon's Light Enjoying
Project 3. Education

Our primary mission is to awaken the possibilities of Fungi. Where, How, when why we should be looking more towards this magnificent entity and all they have to offer our kind in repairing our relationships. Not just with each other, but with our relationship to nature, and ultimately to ourselves. We owe it to oursleves to open our minds to its greater inclusion in our society and finding long lasting solutions to many arising and ongoing social issues.

Magical Mushroom Foraging Feast, Complete with 7 people Under a Full Moon's Light Enjoying
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